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Hi! I'm Marjorie Sarah. I love creating, reading, writing and adventure. I welcome the change of the seasons every few months and all that a new cycle represents. I'm a grad school dropout who prefers to study astrology before anyone else in my house is awake, yet I recognize the business classes were still worthwhile. I'm a yogi with a strong interest in how all that goes into and onto my body is sourced - including everything from the process to the energy and intention behind the creator. 

Most recently I find myself writing down the many words that swirl inside of me while deepening my studies in ancient astrology. Both writing and astrology feel like a sort of scaffolding that hold me up. The support from these two crafts feels like I'm in the right spot when I'm close to them. 

My two favorite foods are root veggies & cookies. I recognize the paradox and smile at it. Within all corners of life, I find paradox. In the balance of shadow and light, the sliding scale of every emotion and archetypes found in people as well as the planets. 

I'm an energetic mom and in love with someone who loves me even with awareness of all the messy, shadowy sides of me. My children have been my greatest teachers and continue to show me the curriculum of my life - especially when I'm not up for it. My family is my greatest joy in this life. Both the family of four I live with as well as the family of strong, supportive women and men I have come from. 

For five years I created natural soap and companion products. Designing and sharing them has been one of my most rewarding challenges. I liked most that I was able to plan and draw up something interesting to me and useful to my customers. Endlessly creating new recipes is an amazing channel to let creative energy flow. 

I am inspired by greenhouses, pale hues of green, teal, blue, purple and pink, the movement of the planets, being an explorer and a tourist (in both places known and unknown) and the music of Satsang, Trevor Hall, Mihali and Zac Brown Band.

magical greenhouses

May you find something you love on this site - whether it be a picture, words that resonate with you or the best soap you've ever used. 


Marjorie Sarah